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Asian Cabinet

A gorgeous Asian inspired cabinet that, once refinished and all the hardware removed and polished, turned into a magnificent piece of functional art.

Painted Dressing Table

A really nice dressing table that had seen better days. It has our Midnight Black stain, and looks great!

China Cabinet

Removing the paint revealed some gorgeous wood underneath!

Old Trunk

Trunks are extremely labor intensive but they always turn out so nice!

Painted Arched Interior Doors

These interior doors were painted and primed in bare wood. It took some time to get that paint off but as you can see, it was worth it!

Walnut Sofa Table

A stunning walnut sofa table!

Round Walnut Table

A family piece that I had the pleasure of restoring

Phone Table

This old phone table was done for a friend of mine. She is thrilled with the end result!

Water Damage Desk

A desk with some water damage. Rather than try to repair it, we replaced the veneer. It looks great!

Walnut Drop Leaf Table

A lovely Walnut Drop Leaf Table!

Guitar Restoration

We don't get the opportunity to do pieces like this often, but this old guitar turned out great!

Veneer Replacement

Some veneer work on a badly burnt table.

Top Only Restoration

Matching a faded and damaged top to a small side table.

Church Pew

A gorgeous Church Pew restoration!

Childs Doll Sleigh

This was a fun and unusual project!

Tiny Cherry Table

An adorable cherry table. It only stood about 16" tall.

Rocker Upholstery

This rocker really turned out nice!

Oak Dressing Table

A very unusual design on this Oak Dressing Table!

Stunning Rocker Restoration

Who knew this rocker could be transformed in such a way??

Small Mahogany End Table

A lovely little Mahogany Table.

Buffet Restoration

This shows some of out fabrication skills. I love this piece!

Lower Dresser Restoration

A gorgeous chest of drawers!

small flip top table

A really unusual flip top table with a Rosewood Base!

Secretary Desk

We love doing these old Secretary Desks! They always turn out so nice!

Painted Maple Dresser

Sometimes the layers of paint, preserves the wood underneath beautifully!

Beautiful End Table Restoration

Look at the veneer on this table top! Just breathtaking!

Full Size Oak Bed

We did this Oak Full Size Bed for a very good client. She was thrilled with the results!

Fiber Seat Rocker

This chair was given to me by a good friend. I don't think she had any idea how nice it would turn out!

Painted Secretary

Another beautiful Secretary Desk transformation!

Ornate End Table

I love how this water damaged table turned out!

Painted Buffet

Look at that beautiful oak! Who knew?!

Hoosier Cabinet

I want to own an old Hoosier Cabinet like this! We can get all of the original reproduction parts for all types of these cabinets!

Large Walnut Desk

A HUGE Walnut desk that really was a piece of art when completed!

Severe Water Damage Buffet

A water damage claim that we serviced. This was a great project!

Severe Water Damage Table

The table that went with the water damaged Buffet in the previous picture. Love the end result!

Black Lacquer Rocker

This is our Black Lacquer. A really great alternative to paint!

Childs Rolltop Desk

We have actually done several of these Child's Roll Top Desks. So cute!

Rocker Fabrication

Rocker rung fabrications are very common here at Woodmasters

Molding Replacement

Need a fancy trim made? Yep, we can do that!

Chair Restoration

This chair was $4 at Goodwill. It turned out really nice huh?

Civil War Rocker

My client told me they thought this was a Pre-Civil War Rocker. It spent many years buried in a garage.

Painted Maple Drop Leaf

Don't let the paint fool ya! There is some gorgeous wood hiding under there!

Old Emerson Player

This is an old Emerson Player. Delicate work for sure, but it still played records! (If you are old enough to remember what those are)

Beautiful Hand Carved Chair

This chair really has some unusual carvings!

Tea Cart Restoration

A Tea Cart that needed some TLC.

Restored Piano Stool

These little Piano Stands always turn out so nice!

Gate Leg Table

A beautiful Maple Drop Leaf Table. So Heavy!!!

Pine Dresser

A small Pine Dresser that someone "Antiqued". Even though it was not a fine quality piece, it really turned out nice!

Pine Bookshelf

An old Pine Bookshelf. With a new color and finish, it looks like a million bucks!

Old Wooden Box

This is a REALLY old wood box that was hand made. It was in rough shape and the client did not want it perfect. We made it look really nice and left many character flaws on purpose. :-)

Damaged Cedar Chest

A really rough Cedar Chest. All of the veneer needed replaced and other fabrication as well.

Large Chest of Drawers

This Dresser turned out wonderful!

Old Painted Pie Safe

An old pie safe that was painted white and in pretty rough shape. Now a stunning piece in any home!

Old Wash Stand

We have done dozens of these wash stands, and no matter the shape they are in when they get to us, in the end always turn out great!

Painted Mahogany Dresser

Yes, this is all original! Beautiful wood hidden by all that paint!

Oak Caned Chairs

Caned seat, and a new finish = one heck of a nice chair!

Old interior Door

This is our White Lacquer Finish! Much better and more durable than paint!

Dressing Table Stool

This little stool really turned out nice!

Color Change Dresser

Does your furniture look dated? Let us give it a face lift!

Birds Eye Maple Desk

A really neat Birds Eye Maple Secretary Desk.

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